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J. Tarelcome to our fine art gallery. It is my distinct pleasure to introduce you to an exquisite collection of unique fine art, created by a very special artists - my father. We hope that you will take a moment to sign our Guest Book and we always welcome your suggestions, comments or questions.

My father has always sought, above all else, to be expressive in his artistic interpretations. I can recall as a child how much emphasis he would always place on this matter -- although I never really understood what he meant at the time. One day, a bit later in life, while traveling with him in Venice, Italy, I was finally enlightened. We were looking at figurines displayed in a small gift shop storefront and he was pointing out which pieces he felt were very good and others that were less so. Unfortunately, I could not see the same distinctions, so I asked him innocently; "Why are those better than the others?" -- he responded; "Because they are more expressive". Still not fully understanding, I replied; "Father, what should be expressive?" -- his answer, in one word; "Everything". From that day on, I "Serenade" - woodcut - ©Laszlo Tarbegan to truly understand who my father was as an artist and as a person. Prior to this, I would often wonder what his imagery was all about and the connection between his paintings, drawings and woodcuts -- they all seem so different in style .. almost as if they were created by different artists. After that day, I realized the common relationship in his art. Unquestionably, his inspiration is derived from a deep need to expose the "expressive" in all that he sees -- in color and structure, in facial moods and body position -- it is a moment in time as interpreted by an artist who seeks to elevate and point out contrasting and true aspects of life, as he sees them .. and as expressively as he can, without overly distorting reality.


The Laszlo Tar Art Gallery was conceived in 1993. The initial idea was simply to present 12 original works of art of New York City on the Internet, as a trial to gauge public interest. The first exhibit was opened at Art-On-The-Net and received an extraordinary and immediate public response. The small show was also featured on America On-line (AOL) and the nascent Internet gallery quickly populated search engines throughout the world, and was written about in numerous journals. The strong initial response prompted further openings of monthly exhibits through 1994 and a realization that the public had a broad interest in the art at multiple levels. In 1995, a second gallery (this site) and the family owned publishing firm (TIS Publishing) were launched as commercial storefronts, offering signed and numbered limited edition reproduction prints and additional exhibits of Laszlo Tar's large creative collection. Numerous high-end exhibits at state consulates, art trade events and walk-in galleries have since originated from the Internet presence, as have licensing arrangements with firms such as General Electric Corporation, Pearson Education / Simon Schuster, Prentice Hall Publishers and CityMeals-on-Wheels. Mr. Tar has appeared on national television, discussing his art and his life. His life works have been written about in numerous international news journals and books. Today, the original gallery at Art-On-The-Net and this gallery (Laszlo Tar Art Gallery) continue to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Collectors, decorators and art lovers from all walks of life enjoy the numerous changing gallery exhibits (containing roughly 350 original works of art) and they can personally become a part of the exclusive art experience by purchasing an expanding selection of fine originals and signed limited and open edition prints, directly on the Internet.

aszlo Tar's original art collection today amounts to an almost unbelievable volume of more than 6,000 original works of art. These works, along with all copy and licensing rights, are carefully managed by the Tar family. The limited edition reproduction prints, featured at this site, are exclusively produced, released and distributed by TIS Publishing, a family owned and operated firm. These tight controls ensure that each work is a genuine article of the artist's creative efforts. Funds from the sale of art are used exclusively to further the goals and efforts of the artist's creative vision.

The aim of the Laszlo Tar Art Gallery is founded upon a singular aim of cataloging, presenting, promoting, publishing and distributing the fine art and art related materials of Hungarian-American artist Laszlo Tar, for the sole purpose of the greater public appreciation of his artistic accomplishments. 100% of the sales revenue generated by this site goes right back into making this mission a reality.

"We are not a high volume gallery, representing numerous artists, nor will you find our art at any street shop. Our idea was always, and remains, to keep strict control of the art in order to ensure quality, authenticity, exclusivity and high accessibility for the broad general public. Our customers know that they are dealing directly with the artist and his immediate family and we work very hard to ensure that this has meaningful long term value to them. Over the years, numerous galleries and large distributors have asked to carry Laszlo Tar's art, but again and again we have turned them away, simply because we know they cannot deliver the degree of devotion that is in line with our core mission."

Collectors of Laszlo Tar's art (whether originals or prints) benefit from knowing that the complete art collection is carefully and exclusively managed by the Tar family. The family establishes core policies and usage guidelines to ensure that the artist's work continues to grow in popularity, public awareness and value. Limited edition reproduction prints are painstakingly created in only very low edition sets, using extraordinary quality standards. Furthermore, no limited edition reproduction print is ever created of a sold original work. Likewise, the source original work for a given limited edition print is not offered for sale, and becomes a part of the permanent collection archives. When an individual becomes an owner of Laszlo Tar's art, they become a privileged member of a very exclusive community. Membership in this community brings with it the inherent reward of personally experiencing the "magic" of Tar's love-filled art, and moreover the unique distinction of being an intimate and valued friend of the artist and artist's family. Owners are personally informed of events relating to the artist and their art investment and receive special promotional material that adds depth and value to the art experience.

As a family, we are totally committed to furthering public familiarity, understanding and appreciation of Laszlo Tar's creative collection, and we are very selective about where and how the art imagery is used and displayed.

We hope that you will join our family in sharing Laszlo Tar's creative vision and we sincerely thank you for visiting our art gallery!

You may reach J. Tar directly, by sending e-mail to or to speak with him personally call (631) 223-2700.




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