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"Capitol Peace" ©Laszlo Tar
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~ About this Work of Art ~

"Capitol Peace" A watercolor painting created in the Spring of 2008 by Laszlo Tar. He visited U. S. CapitolWashington D.C. once in 1979 and again in 2008, touring the many monuments and museums. He created this very painterly work of the Peace Monument (also known as the Naval Monument or Civil War Sailors Monument) at North West entrance of the United States Capitol complex. The monument (1878) is a white marble sculpt by Franklin Simmons (1839-1913) and commemorates the naval deaths at sea during the American Civil War. A truly fantastic and unique work of art.

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The original is a watercolor and gouache painting created on Italian Fabriano Artistico paper. Drawings by Michelangelo and Raphael executed on papers from Fabriano still hang in museums and are a testament to the quality of Fabriano paper. This very fine paper has the watermark "Fabriano Artistico" along both edges and when visible on the original painting, these watermarks are also clearly evident on our print images. Paper watermarks are used as date reference points by historians, collectors and appraisers and because our prints are exact replicas of the original work, the visible watermarks on the original are also reproduced on the print. Mr. Tar primarily used two types of paper for his original watercolors. One is Fabriano Artistico (Italian) and the other is Arches (French). Both manufacturers include watermarks on their papers.

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"Capitol Peace"
No. 20001169
Edition size: 90/10 AP
Image: 17 x 22.5"
Paper: 100% Rag (150lb)
Signed & Numbered
Giclée Print


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