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Art of Love New York City Prints and Paintings, Central Park Art, Venice Italy and Europe, Watercolors, Oil Paintings, Drawings, Woodcuts - Laszlo Tar - Artist of Life - Since 1927 Art of Life
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New York City Art Prints New York City
Central Park Art PrintsCentral Park, NY
Brooklyn Art PrintsBrooklyn, NY
Queens Art PrintsQueens, NY
New York City Street Scene Art PrintsStreet Scenes, NY
New York Skyline Art PrintsNew York Skyline
Washington Square Park Art PrintsWashington Square
New York City Winter Scene Art PrintsWinter Scenes, NY
Staten Island Art Prints Staten Island, NY
Long Island Art Prints Long Island, NY
New Jersey Art Prints New Jersey
Pittsburgh Art Prints Pittsburgh, PA.
Washington D.C. Art Prints Washington D.C.
Europe Art Prints Europe
Venice Italy Art PrintsVenice, Italy
London England Art PrintsLondon, England
Paris France Art PrintsParis, France
Holland Neitherlands Art PrintsHolland
Flower Floral Still-life Art Prints Flowers & Still Lifes
Marine Boat Art Prints Boats & Ships
Wedding Art Prints Wedding Art
Winter Scene Art Prints Winter Scenes
Portrait Art Prints of People Portraits
Street Scene Art Prints with Street Scenes
Horse Carriage Ride Art Prints with Horse Carriage
Trains Art Prints with Trains
Bridges Art Prints with Bridges
Church Art Prints with Churches
Parks Art Prints with Parks
Music Art Prints with Music
Nude Art Prints with Nudes
Homeless Art Prints with Homeless
Art by Medium
Watercolor Art Prints Watercolor Paintings
Oil Painting Art Prints on Canvas and Paper Oil Paintings
Oil Pastel Art Prints Oil Pastel Drawings
India Ink Drawing Art Prints India Ink Drawings
Pencil Drawing Art Prints Pencil Drawings
"A Trip to the Zoo" ©Laszlo Tar

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The art shown at this site is a unique cross-section of Laszlo Tar's larger creative collection, presented here by the artist's family and gallery founder J. Tar.

The signed prints were created jointly with the artist from 1993 to 2018.

Limited Edition and Open Edition prints are now very limited, as the artist is no longer available to sign new prints, and most of the limited series has been sold. All Limited and Open Edition Prints are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

In the future, Estate signed prints or posters may be produced by the artist's family. These will be marked with the an estate stamp to ensure authenticity.

For further inquiries or insights into the art of Laszlo Tar, feel free to reach out to J. Tar directly by e-mail, at JTAR@TARART.COM or by using the Customer Service form.

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